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Here is a list of associations and organizations with whom we collaborate.



QET Inclusion is an Ivorian feminist organization which aims to raise awareness, support and defend the queer and trans people in Côte d'Ivoire.


ICHANGE CI is an organization composed of Ivorian African activities and sensitive to human problems and believe that things can be done differently in the field of humanitarian action. For these people, we must put communities at their realities and the center of the action, identifying with them making problems and actors in their own development. Initiating innovative activities for the sustainability of the action.


ONG Arc En-Ciel Plus is a struggle of NGOs against STI / HIV / AIDS and Homophobia in Côte d'Ivoire.



QAYN is the first lesbian‐led LGBTQ regional organization in West Africa, with the aim to become the hub for LGBTQ youth activists and youth-led movement building. As a loose network, we continue to grow our network, with the primarily goal of building a powerful community and coalition that invest in collective engagement while supporting members to build their skills, self-confidence and capacities.



La lune, an associaton of gay women in Strasbourg, France, has nearly 100 members. It is engaged in the struggle for women's' rights and the recognition of homosexuals, and provides an opportunity for women to meet in a relaxed environment, especially young lesbians otherwise isolated or new in town.


Founded in 1998, The Association of Gays and Lesbians on the Internet, is a nonprofit organization intended to promote the expression and affirmation of lesbians and gays on the Internet (Canada).


Lilith is an association of lesbians created in December 1994 in Lausanne, Switzerland, to overcome the lack of organization to provide support and information. While it is based in Lausanne, Lilith currently has members from all over French-speaking Switzerland.