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Envoyé par HELEM Montréal / via ALGI en date du 12 juin 2015 à 17h46 en réponse à Helem proteste contre les spectacles d'un homophobe au Canada (reçu de HELEM Montréal / via ALGI le 11 juin 2015 à 10h01).
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Chers membres, amis et alliés,

En date du 9 juin 2015, Helem Montréal a publié un communiqué concernant les
concerts du chanteur libanais Mohamad Eskandar au Canada. Helem a exprimé sa
volonté de protester devant les restaurants où ces spectacles allaient avoir
lieu s’ils n’étaient pas annulés. Le bureau juridique de Helem Montréal a
maintenu les discussions en tout temps avec les trois restaurants concernés.
Finalement, le jeudi 11 juin 2015, nous avons conclu une entente avec M. Ali
Dia, le promoteur en charge de ces spectacles au Canada, nous confirmant par
écrit que M. Eskandar ne chanterait pas les deux chansons à contenu
homophobe et dénigrant pour les femmes.
QUESTION. SVP voir les documents joints.
Merci de votre collaboration,

HELEM Montréal
Lebanese Protection for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals
www.montrealhelem.net | 514-806-LGBT
Comptoir St-André, CP 32108, H2L 4Y5, Montréal, QC

Montreal on June 12, 2015

Canada is a country built on tolerance, acceptance of the other, peaceful rapport, and respect of the law. It has
welcomed immigrants from all over the world and offered them all a safe home. It is an example for peaceful
coexistence, respect for minorities, and is a beacon for human rights.

Mr. Mohamad Eskandar has three scheduled concerts in Canada to be held at Ambrosia Restaurant (5835 Dixie
Rd, Mississauga) on June 12, Al Balad Restaurant (1205 Boulevard Cure-Labelle, Laval) on June 13, and El
Mazaj Restaurant (5307 Canotek Rd, Ottawa) on June 14, 2015. Mr. Ali Dia is the sponsor of Mr. Eskandar and
promoter of the three scheduled events.

HELEM Montreal issues this statement to inform the public that it has reached an agreement with Mr. Dia who
committed to the following (signed commitment enclosed):

1) Mr. Eskandar will respect Canadian laws and values, and refrain from a discourse, speech or performing
songs that promote hate, intolerance, discrimination, or incitement to violence against Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer individuals.

2) Mr. Eskandar will respect Canadian laws and values, and refrain from a discourse that promotes
discrimination against, segregation of, or denigrate women.

3) Mr. Eskandar will not sing the song “Ded El Enf” at any of the three scheduled events.

4) Mr. Eskandar will not sing the song “Joumhouriyet Albi” at any of the three scheduled events.

HELEM Montreal entered into this commitment with Mr. Ali Dia as sponsor of Mr. Eskandar and promoter of
his events in good faith on the assurances that its provisions would be fully respected in substance and in spirit.
In light of the commitment reached with Mr. Dia, HELEM Montreal will cancel its planned protests at all three

HELEM Montreal would like to take this opportunity to thank its supporters. In the last few days, we received
unparalleled support and assistance from politicians, NGOs, activists, media, and the Canadian public. We
would like specifically to mention the unequivocal support of Federal MP Hélène Laverdière (NDP) who raised
the issue directly with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander during question period in
the House of Commons on June 10, 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYGnymznjdg . We also would
like to thank Mr. Jeremy Dias, the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity in
Ottawa for his support.

Thank you for helping us defend LGBT and women rights, and ensuring Canada remains free from hate speech,
discrimination, and homophobia.

Rémy Nassar
President – HELEM Montreal, Canada
514-831-7369; president@montrealhelem.net
HELEM Montreal is a Canadian LGBT, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization registered in Quebec since 2004. HELEM leads a peaceful
advocacy movement for the liberation of the Lebanese and Middle-Eastern LGBT community from all sorts of legal, social and cultural discrimination.

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