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Indiana Governor Mike Pence claims he's a Christian but his actions are the polar opposite of Jesus' teachings. As Governor, Pence eliminated food stamps, closed healthcare clinics, and signed a law discriminating against LGBT residents. Pence is not alone, but rather represents the new face of the Christian right: a hollow shell of hatred and intolerance, wrapped in the name of a prophet who they long ago abandoned. SHARE to make hypocrites' heads explode. LIKE our page US Uncut!

Source : site Facebook de US Uncut https://www.facebook.com/usauncut


We did it! I commend Indiana, especially the good Hoosiers who stood up to, and against, discrimination. Today, the state senate leadership, in close consultation with Indiana business leaders, fashioned a "fix" to the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. The amendment states specifically that the law does NOT authorize anyone to refuse to provide services, facilities, public accommodations, goods, employment, or housing to anyone on the basis of certain characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. While this is not the comprehensive anti-discrimination bill many want, it remains historic because it is the first time in Indiana state history that sexual orientation and gender identity appear within the context of a law concerning non-discrimination in that state. I am confident that Indiana ultimately will join many other states to specifically protect LGBTs from discrimination, and I call upon the Indiana legislature to take that next important step.

Governor Pence just signed the new law. I am very happy to replace ‪#‎BoycottIndiana‬ with ‪#‎IndianaForAll‬, with the hope that Hoosier hospitality once again can flourish. This has been a difficult and soul-searching week for many on both sides. But from here we move forward, together, towards an inclusive society where religious beliefs and individual civil rights can exist in harmony, side by side. This is a great day for Indiana, and for the entire nation.

Thank you, fans, for responding to my call along with the calls of many business and civic leaders who stood firm against discrimination. Together we can, and did, make a difference.


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