Tell Ontario's Party Leaders to Support All Students - Queer or Straight

Envoyé par Catou en date du 31 mai 2012 à 13h50

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J'ai reçu cet appel par courriel d'un jeune gai ontarien qui fait signer une pétition pour que les écoles catholiques arrêtent d'empêcher les jeunes de se regrouper pour lutter contre l'homophobie à l'école.

Bullied by students: When I came out as queer at age 15, I was bullied. When my friend came out her parents threatened to disown her. We both felt alone and a safe space where we could have been supported would have made all the difference.

Bullied by my school board: When I tried to start a Gay-Straight Alliance at my school my publicly funded Catholic School Board said "Ontario Catholic schools will never allow Gay-Straight Alliances," and threatened me with disciplinary action if I continued campaigning.

Chance to end bullying: This week, the Ontario Government is considering legislation that would force all publicly-funded schools to allow Gay-Straight Alliances.

The Catholic school board have made it clear that they will fight back and I don't want to take any chances.

Sign my petition calling on all party leaders to support the Accepting Schools Act, Bill 13, so no students need fight to create a safe space at school.

Thanks for supporting LGBTQ youth,

Leanne Iskander

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