nonSense and inSensibility

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Tone Cluster’s Music Director, Kurt Ala-Kantti, and accompanist Vincent Mar, and...
oh, whatever. Just come see the concert, please please please please please very pretty please.

You can always see the latest news at:



$18, $20 at the door.
$10 for students.
Free for children under 12.
Everybody else pays.

Available at:
After Stonewall,
Venus Envy,
Leading Note,
Compact Music,
Books on Beechwood,
from choir members,
and online from .

About Tone Cluster, again...

  Tone Cluster hopes that this concert doesn't flush 21 years of hard work building a faithful audience down the drain. With a wide-ranging and VERY eclectic repertoire, in this case maybe too eclectic, the chorus supports Canadian and LGBTQ composers and artists through commissions of new Canadian works, and through active membership in GALA Choruses, Unison (the Canadian LGBTQ choral festival), the Council for the Arts in Ottawa, and Choirs Ontario -- all up for renewal.
  Tone Cluster is an active member of Ottawa's musical and LGBTQ community, and has welcomed many esteemed musical and community guests over its many years.
Hopefully, after this, they'll still want to be associated with Tone Cluster.

You can always see the latest news on the semi-new and fully improved website at:

Tone Cluster gratefully acknowledges the financial support of

City of Ottawa Arts Founding Program

Tone Cluster boldly goes where no LGBTQQIP2SAA+* choir has ever been before (really?)

(* lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, two-spirited, asexual, allies, and then we ran out of space)

  nonSense and inSensibility
Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 3pm
(doors open at 2:30pm)
First Baptist Church
104 Laurier Ave. W. (at Elgin), Ottawa
(wheelchair accessible, AIR CONDITIONED)

  "Silly" isn't just another four-letter word. Style, logic, political correctness - f...orget all that. It's all Music Director Kurt Ala-Kantti's fault, by the way.

  Tone Cluster–quite a queer choir presents an entertaining afternoon of playful, silly, and moving pieces by Canadian and international composers.

  Pachelbel's "Canon in D" is having a face lift, Alberta cowboys are having problems with their saddles ("Three Alberta Cowboy Songs"), white swans' songs are used to paraphrase "that" kind of desire ("Il bianco e dolce cigno"), tango goes masochistic, and some songs keep changing keys ("The Song That Goes Like This").

  The concert features the world premiere of Montreal composer Donald Patriquin's original arrangement for Tone Cluster: “Shores of Isthmus Bay”. Robin McCurdy wrote this song about his home town, Lion's Head, Ontario on Georgian Bay.
Patriquin is known internationally for his energetic and inspiring choral and instrumental arrangements of folk music, performed throughout the world, and for bringing world music to the choral stage. His compositions are sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible to all audiences.

  The concert will feature the Ottawa Senior Pride Network and the Canadian Positive Psychology Association as special guests.

As always, the choir will be accompanied by super-human pianist Vincent Mar.

Music Director Kurt Ala-Kantti

fabulous twenty



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