Internal bylaws

Le règlement interne


  1. General dispositions
  2. Members
  3. General meetings
  4. Consultations
  5. Board of administrators
  6. Roles within the board of administrators
  7. Finances

General dispositions

  1. Social denomination (name)
    Association des lesbiennes et des gais sur Internet.
    In the following bylaws the above mentioned association shall be referred to by the acronym ALGI.


  2. Main Office
    ALGI's main office is located in the Montreal region and at the address indicated, by resolution, by the Board of Administrators.


  3. Goals
    The goals of ALGI are:
    • to optimize the expression and affirmation of gays and lesbians through the Internet;
    • to optimize, through the use of a new technologies of information and communication, the exchange between individuals and associations of the gay and lesbian community in a spirit of kinship and openness on diversity.


  4. Modifications to the bylaws
    The bylaws are modified by resolution by general meeting. Index



  5. Category of members
    There are two categories of members:
    i- individual; ii- organizations/associations.


  6. Individual members
    All whom share the ALGI objectives can become an individual member minus the annual membership fee.

    To become an ALGI member the applicant must supply his/her name, his/her email address and a password which shall permit him/her to vote on the various Internet consultations.


  7. Association members
    Associations whom share the ALGI objectives can become an associative member. Adhesion is done in sending a consenting letter which is adopted between the Board of Administrators of the association/organization and ALGI's Board of Administrators. The association must assign a representative who shall act in their name in the various ALGI instances.


  8. Annual membership fees
    The Board of Administrators sets the monetary dues for the annual membership fee for both categories of members.


  9. Confirmation of membership
    On full payment of the annual fee the new member shall receive his/her confirmation via email.


  10. Suspension or expulsion
    The Board of Administrators can suspend or expulse a member; if there's omission to pay his/her membership dues, if there's obstruction of the rules, or if there's misconduct as defined in article 3.

    Prior to proceeding to suspending or expulsing a member, the Board of Administration must give the latter the occasion to be heard and inform him/her when his/her infraction shall be studied. Index

    General meetings


  11. Annual meeting
    The annual general meeting is held one hundred and twenty (120) days prior the expiration date of the financial year. The Board of Administrators sets the date, time and lieu of the meeting. A memo shall be sent to every member, at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. The said memo is sent via email and shall be published on the ALGI Web site.


  12. Special meetings
    The Board of Administration or ten (10) members whom are enrolled for at least three (3) months can, as case be needed, call a special meeting on the date, time and lieu of their choosing. The secretary is responsible to call this meeting ten (10) days prior to it. A memo shall be sent to all members, specifying the reason for the meeting, via email. It shall also be published on the ALGI Web site. The Board of Administration proceeds by resolution while the group of ten (10) members must produce a written application and thus it must be signed by all ten (10) members.


  13. Order of the day
    Any orders of the day of the annual general meeting must contain:
    • the acceptation of reports and the minutes of the last general meeting;
    • budget approval;
    • the approval of rules (new and modified) whom are adopted by the administrators since the last general meeting;
    • the election or reelection of the members to the Board of Administration.


  14. Quorum
    The quorum is of ten (10) percent of the registered members whom have been registered for at least one (1) months.


  15. Vote
    In a member's meeting, the members whom have been enrolled for one (1) month have the right to one (1) vote. In the case of neutral result, the president has an extra vote. Voting is done by raising one's hand unless an adopted proposition is accepted by the majority of the present members for ballots. Index



  16. Definition
    Consultation is a mechanism which permits members to vote; via the Internet, on a proposition submitted by the Board of Administration or on written request by at least five (5) members which have been registered for at least one (1) month. The aim of the consultation is to supply the Board of Administration and the general meeting, an idea of the member's opinions.


  17. Method
    The consultation goes through ALGI's forum for at least a one (1) week period. It's accompanied by a disposition permitting the members to vote via the Internet. The vote is authenticated by the member's password. The result of the consultation is published on ALGI's forum. Non members can participate in the debate although they cannot vote. Index

    Board of administrators


  18. Quantity of administrators
    The Board of Administrations holds five (5) members.


  19. Eligibility
    Any member, admitted since at least one (1) month has the right to vote and can be elected or reelected on the Board of Administrators.


  20. Length of mandate
    The mandate for members on the Board of Administration is of one (1) year.


  21. Election
    There's an election of the Board of Administration members once a year at the annual general meeting.

    If there's a vacancy during the year between the administrators representing the individual members the other individual members can assign a replacement which is chosen by the individual members.

    If there's a vacancy during the year between the administrative representative of the association members, the association members can elect a replacement if a candidacy is manifested. This election could be done via email.


  22. Mandate of the Board of Administration

    The Board of Administrators is responsible to apply the present bylaws and to govern the ALGI affairs.

    It gives itself an internal structure in electing between its members: Presidency, Secretary, Treasurer, Site Organizer, Animation Organizer.


  23. Meetings of the Board of Administrators
    The meetings of the Board of Administration are summoned by the President or his/her delegate or at the request of the majority of members. The summons is either given verbally or by email. The meetings can be held in conference online mode or by telephone.


  24. Quorum
    The absolute majority of the members of the Board of Administration holds quorum.


  25. Resignation by absence
    Any member of the Board of Administration who, without valid reason; decided by the Board, doesn't assist to three (3) consecutive meetings is considered as resigned. Index

    Roles within the board of administrators


  26. Election
    The Board of Administration elects at its directors for: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Site Organizer, Animator.


  27. Presidency
    The President presides the general meeting as well as the Board of Directors meetings. He/she has office of every committee. He/she oversees the execution of decisions made by the Board and signs with the Secretary and Treasurer, all documents that implicate ALGI. He's/she's responsible for external relations.


  28. Secretary
    The person who's responsibility is secretarially related also keeps the registry updated, keeps the minutes of the Board of Administration meetings and, the general meetings, and organizes the consultations.


  29. Treasurer
    The person who is responsible of the treasury is occupied by the financial administration of ALGI. He/she signs, with the President, the checks as well as other commercial effects and also does the bank deposits.


  30. Site organizer
    The Webmaster/mistress is responsible for organization the data on the ALGI Web site.


  31. Animator
    The person responsible of animation structures the members that are going to bring animation on the various forums of the ALGI Web site. Index



  32. Financial affairs
    The Board of Administrations selects the banking institution where the ALGI deposits shall be made. He/she can establish an understanding with another association in relation to the managing of it's financial gains.


  33. Financial term
    The financial term ends each year on August 31st. Index

(adoption 1998-06-19; modification 1998-12-06, 1999-11-28, 2000-12-03, 2001-11-25, 2002-11-17, 2008-01-28; the english texte has to be adapted from the french text)

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